Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 29- Working Together (bad photo alert)

So yesterday I stayed on full alert for my endulgent alter ego.  As he likes to take over on Friday to Sunday and destroy the work I've done throughout the week, I figured I'd stake him out and have a chat to him, come to an agreement. Here's what happened:
6:00- wake up- no sign of him.
7:00- healthy b/fast, no issue
7:30- I'm on the train and he's not here. Have come to the conclusion that he gets up late. This should have been a no brainer really.
10:30- glanced at a lollypop. I think he's starting to stir.
11:14- Hmm, left over Tim Tams from the last morning tea. Where did they come from?

12:30- Walked to Schitz with Nick and stared, paralysed into the bain marie, turned around and there was a line of people behind me, waiting for me to order, politely explained that I'm not in line.
1:00- Ate 3 different types of cold meat while Nick ate his Chicken Schnitzel wrap with avocado and sweet chilli mayonaise to one side of me and Alexis finished off her glorious carby baked potato on the other side of me.
6:00- Had a dinner of 2 boiled eggs and some corned beef. On a Friday night, Leroy was insulted.
7:00- Met Corey in the city and  drank some beers. Now for those that think that beer is full of carbs, I'm here to tell you this is not true, to put this in perspective, a stubbie of beer has 7.5 carbs, where a slice of bread has 16.5 carbs. Low carb beer is a just clever marketing. Beer is already low in carbs,so put down the Pure Blonde and grab yourself a Coopers Pale immediately.

Woke up this morning with a slight hangover, but happy to report that I did not get stuck into the baked potato and chicken schnitzel sandwich I craved.

Tonight I'm going to have dinner at Sarah's. She is making a roast and am not having any potatos or pumpkin. Should be delicious.

The secret? Talk to your fat alter ego, challenge them, kiss them, hug them and tell them that you are stuck together for life, so you'd better get used to living by your healthy new rules.

In other news, took Charlie to the vet today and he has lost......................0 kgs. After 2 weeks of no snacks! Welcome to my life Charlie.

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