Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 11- Thanks for the suggestion Brad

My friend Brad G today on hearing of my blog and ultimate goal, wisely recommended 'If you need to fit into your leather pants, I saw this guy at a bar that used a great trick, just cut the arse out'.
If it gets to New Years Eve 2011 and I haven't completed my mission, mark my words all, I will take up that suggestion and have a party in honour of those Arseless pants.
I'm going well with my diet this week and have gone to Pump as promised. Just to recap my mini goals this week were to go to Pump once, do cardio twice at the gym and reduce my cheat meals. Since I had 4 cheat meals last week, I will allow myself 2 cheat meals this week.
My best friend Ingy has got in on the act too, she's set herself a goal of walking 3 times this week and going to Pump twice. Now that it's on the blog Ingy, you're committed. Please report in by the end of the week.
I invite you all to set yourself a goal and post it as a comment, doesn't matter how big or small, it can be anything from going on a run this week, to wearing a fancy accessory everyday or even reducing the amount of bars you go to with men in crotchless pants.


  1. I totally forgot that i made that goal today.
    Thank goodness I read this post before going to bed tonight... its reminded me to set my alarm 30 mins early to go for a walk!

    Goal number 2: Write down goals.

    ....i'll report back on how i go with the walking goal shortly...

  2. Weii, if you do have that party I'd love to see pics... :0