Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 23- What have I started?

I caught up with my bestie Ingy yesterday for brunch. She explained that she had taken the plunge was on Body Trim. She looked great, her face was thinner and she looked like she'd shrunk by a layer. She told me how she and her husband had completed the protein only 3 days of Body Trim and how they had moved onto including salad and vegetables. She hadn't stuffed up! This shook me to my very core. I've been slack all week and now my partner in crime is charging full steam ahead. Normally, my two besties and I will start a diet claiming this new diet to be the ultimate, no excuses new regime motivated my some kind of life or death prospect. The conversation goes something like 'Oh my god, we really need to stick to it this time because..... we're almost 25, almost late 20s, almost 30, are 30, summer is coming, winter is coming, that first day of spring is coming or this is our last chance to be skinny before we get married and have babies etc. We start on our diets with iron clad resolve, vowing that we will check in daily and meet at the gym everyday. We normally email each other half way through Monday, competitively sharing how little we've eaten and our plans for exercise that evening. Tuesday, again, email and update. Then silence................................ Sunday we catch up and explain how it all went downhill on Wednesday night when.. 'Corey got inventive and cooked Sam Choy Bow and it tasted like saw dust so we were forced to have KFC' or 'it was my dog's birthday' or 'mum made potatoes and would be offended if I didn't eat them (and the Magnums I bought). The silence meant something else this time. Ingrid had stuck to her diet.
I am now refocused, I'm well stocked on meat snacks and I have reflected on the week just gone. My Wednesday meltdown was caused by going out for dinner. After that I stayed on a food bender. Rather than accepting the meal for what it was, I let it turn into a week. I won't do that again. I will eat healthily and if I eat an indulgent meal, I'll enjoy it and move straight back onto my healthy diet.
Tomorrow night will be a very early test. I'm going out for dinner with my Brads (both of them) as one of my Brads is moving to San Francisco for a while. We're going out for Chinese food. I'll love it all, then it's back to meat snacks.


  1. well done you, i like your pep talk, i'm sure i heard allan carr say something similar and that worked :) You are awesome! feel those endorpines working!

  2. I thought the Sam Choy Bow tasted more like motor oil than saw dust, no?

  3. The Chinese was healthy , no ? There were vegetables...