Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 10- It's not easy being green

Woaw.. bad photo. Note to self, get up early to allow enough time to get a decent photo taken in the morning.
But I guess this is about exposing the entire truth about Bridget Jones, I mean Louise Hutchison.
 If I actually bothered to look at the photo in the morning, I might inspired to do something about the indents of my pants into my flab. It looks like someone's etched their name into a freshly laid slab of concrete. I'd like to say it will be the last time I wear those pants, but I've got very little to work with right now.
I don't know if I can recall the reason that inspired me to walk into Suzanne Gray for the first time, but I was hooked as soon as the lovely lady said 'why did you even pick up the size 14, you're clearly a size 12'. It's a great place to go if you're feeling down on yourself, but make sure you reassess when you come out of your funk. If I had have followed this advice, I wouldn't be a Harry high pants showing a little too much ankle (gentlemen overt your eyes).
I have realised today that I will need to start mending if things fall apart or don't fit anymore. It's amazing how disposable clothing and accessories have become. Being Green is meant to be the philosophy of our generation, but with the amount of crap we consume and continue to update, it doesn't feel like we're being Green at all. I remember the time where I would save my money to buy that one top from Sportsgirl or need to layby a pair of shoes. I would have had to justify the purchase in the first place and justify what it would go with and where I would wear it. As I think back, I recall how when I did get that item home I would spend hours in front of the mirror trying on different ways to wear it and introducing the new addition to the rest of my prized clothing. Wearing it for the first time was bound to be a special day. Being Green is not about buying (another) Green bag, it's about stopping the mindless waste. Get on board all.


  1. if you have a moment of weekness ask yourself Do i need it? or Do i want it? What ever the answer is tell yourself you'll get it next day 3 you'll have probably forgotten :) ...well that's what happens to me!

  2. but your green bag is orange...