Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 19- Off the wagon

It started with a meat pie from Brumbies and a latte with a real sugar. It then escalated to 1, 2, 3, 4 chocolate royals, then the rest of the caviar dip, with bread, bread what a great idea! More bread, this time with butter, then with butter and cheese. Then Chicken Parmagiana, with potatoes and peas, all topped off with an almond Magnum.
It's been 4 days since my last blog, 4 days without accountability. I won't make that mistake again.
I have 12 days till the end of the month, my goal is to have lost a total of 4 kilograms by then.
Today I had an ADO (known as an RDO to most people). I had an interview for a Millinery course (known as hats to most people). I think it went well, stay tuned for more on this. If you hear nothing, never mention this again.
Afterwards I went to Highpoint. Whilst there with my mum, Yvonne, she said to me 'can't you have a treat? Just one? (she was referring to clothing)' At that point I realised how similar my clothing and sugar cravings really are. Both are used to fill an emotional need, both are used as a treat, both give a short term high and both leave you with a longer term problem, a debt or thighs that you can't seem to shift.
The silver lining? Anyone?????


  1. ok this is a long shot, but i completely believe it...if you feel good about the food you eat or the nice things you buy, although the high only last a short time...during that short time you are releasing endorphines which in turn burn calories...sounding good? Basically you are off setting. I would be the size of a house if i didn't believe feel happy about will burn those extra calories...not sure you're allowed to buy the clothes though. So just get excited with the food...

  2. Hmmm... Not sure I agree with the above addictive food advice above... "endorphines in turn burn calories" I sure hope that's true, I'll be able to quit all training and just smash the chocolate! Lol

    How about the silver lining being the result of investing wisely in one (yourself / healthy food consumption) resulting in longer returns on the other (= greater return on clothing fix)

    Isn't that the whole point..?