Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 20- Anniversary

Today was mine and Corey's 4 year anniversary. Went out for dinner. I'm trying Kirsty's approach and will be happy (and not guilty) about the food I consumed. The theory is that the endorphins released burn calories. I don't think the cast of Glee has enough endorphins to burn the amount of calories that I've consumed in the last 48 hours, but I'll try it.
The other theory recommended** was to set myself a positive goal rather than a restrictive goal, E.G. I will develop a healthy relationship with food over the next 12 months rather than, I can not eat crap and can't buy, well, crap.
Here goes. For the remaining 345 days, wait, is that restrictive? OK, no time frames.
I will be a healthy woman that will fit into clothes that I love and accumulate what I need.
Hang on, according to the Law of Attraction, I need to tell myself I have this already and I'll attract all I need to make it work, so finally..
I am a healthy woman that wears clothes that I love and I have all that I need... well that's it folks, mission accomplished.

**idea originated from Steph


  1. Great photo of you and my new hero! As per your instructions, I'm leaving a comment... Thanks for the credit! What would you do without my wisdom and post it notes?? :)

  2. Lynne how the hell do I do this?January 21, 2011 at 10:53 AM

    When did you get all clever with technology n stuff and know how to create a blog! I have only just figured out how to leave a comment on here! Honestly, I hope you don't spend a heap of time stressing about this so called weight of yours, you're a damn pretty, talented and interesting person and there's a Hell of a lot of people who'd kill to be as you are right now! Love the way you write and is a fantastic and entertaining read - keep it up! Now, here's hoping I 'post' this right, no doubt I'll do something weird and end up sending you 100000000 chips in texas poker instead.....

  3. Happy still rememeber the night you guys got together...i think i threatened corey and told him to treat you right! mmmh well something is going right 4 years on :) And great words of wisdom other words of wisdom i tell myself is "it might get i might as well love what i've got now." Congratulations on your accomplishment and it only took 20 days :) chuck out the conflicting evidence quick!

  4. oh yeah and my advice also is in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet and exercise...kidding i don't like those terms...not sure how healthy this is but it's delicious and easy to make...1 cup of lentils (protien), 2 cups of water, 1 x can of coconut milk (half fat if desired but how there is fat in a coconut is beyond my comprehension therefor in my mind there is none) Saute 1 x onion, some pumkin, 2x tablespoons of red curry paste stir for one min, mix it up and whack it in the oven 180 for 40 mins take it out add in zuchini and red capsicum...15 more mins et voila! dinner and next days lunch or freeze it for another night when you can't be arsed cooking...