Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 15- When dogs start to look like their owners

Today we took our dog Charlie to the vet with an infected anal gland (that's the third time he's anal gland has become infected for those playing at home). The vet advised that these pesky glands should be removed via an operation, but needed to lose 4 kilograms before the operation could be performed. Charlie will now be joining fat camp with me.
In other news, I weighed myself today. I've only lost 3 kilograms in total. This is completely unfair as I've been hungry all week long.
5 days into my diet I was down by 4.3 kilograms. What is up with this? It's times like these when I wonder why I don't just allow myself to be fat and happy. The old Louise would give up now. But not the new Louise, it's time for Charlie and I to up the ante. I've got leather pants to get into and Charlie has a closet full of collars that don't fit him.

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