Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 12- Meat snacks

My mum just told me that she has a surprise, it's a Cornetto. I would love to eat a Cornetto, but the only snack I'm allowed as part of Body Trim is a protein only snack, a meat snack as I like to say to make my manager Zoe laugh.
Body Trim is a really good diet and it's really effective and you can almost get away with no one noticing your on a diet, except for the meat snacks.
I try to hide the consumption of my meat snacks at work in a bid to appear like a normal person, but it's quite challenging. Sometimes I try and hide my portions of ham and chicken up my sleeves on the way from the fridge to my desk, sometimes I stuff them in my pockets. It's the act of eating the meat snack that's the most challenging. I look around to check how many people are in the general vicinity and when there's not many around, I'll quickly but calmly eat it while looking busily at my computer screen.
Did I just blog about meat?


  1. Maybe a minor infringment but... Isn't that your moms shirt..?

  2. 1. Meat Hutchison never left baby
    2. I'd be proud to wear my mum's shirt. She dresses better than I do.