Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 27- Bad Bad Leroy Brown

I think it's time that you met my alter ego. You see there's the Louise that is motivated, joins multiple gyms, does yoga, is interested in the health benefits of green tea and occasionally flirts with the idea of a macrobiotic diet. This Louise works in this body Monday to Thursdays.
Friday to Sundays there is another occupant. For the purposes of describing this character I have chosen the baddest man in the whole damn town, Leroy Brown. Trust me, he is pure evil.
Leroy loves to have a good time. He throws caution to the wind and you may hear him saying lines like 'you only live once' or 'what's one more day, you'll start tomorrow or I'll have the 'I'll have the Jumbo popcorn with a Coke and a choc mint choc top please.'
Leroy has owned Friday, Saturday and Sunday for a long time and wants to take over completely.
What to do? I can't ignore Leroy, this just makes him more defiant and destructive. I will get him to write a Blog. He doesn't enjoy doing this as he's too busy eating and drinking,  but I'll get him to do this for me, after all, we have shared a body for the last 30 years.
I'll need someone to speak to him on a Friday, find out what motivates him, find out why he doesn't seem to comprehend my plight and what it means to me. In fact, I'll get him to answer these questions for me.
Can we live in harmony together? Do I need to show him who the boss is? Can I reclaim just one day? Can I reclaim all days?

 I do like Leroy Brown, but not all the time. He's like the friend at school that convinced you to come out with them on a school night and leave your assignment for later. I love this friend and have so much fun with them, but if I let them take over, I won't be able to reach my goals.
Maybe I need to show Leroy that if he helps me with my goals, we can have more fun than he ever imagined.
I can hear him laughing at me. Stop it Leroy. I'M THE BOSS!

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  1. I heard this fact today:
    When the moon is directly overhead, you weigh 'slightly' less. #Fact
    Seemingly something to do with gravity...anyway i thought just weigh yourself on those days :)