Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 32- Weigh in

I approached the scales, naked, took off my necklace just in case. Ensured that bladder was empty. Ensured that my hair was not wet. I closed my eyes, stepped on, took in a deep breath, looked down. 3.2 kgs lost in total. I breathed out. Success. My aim was to lose 3 kgs.
In hind sight, I have not been altogether 'good' in January. There have been plenty of slip ups, plenty of binges, barely any exercise and a week off the wagon.
There's also been very little focus on my 'closet'. True, I have not purchased anything, clothing or accessories, pat on the back for that Louise, your bank account is looking healthier, but in terms of mixing things up and actually using what I have to it's full potential, no good.
February I will make a few adjustments. Firstly, let's set my new goal, 3 kgs, which will take me to 75.1 kgs. Throughout February I am doing a fundraising activity in which I have agreed to cut out sugar. I can have a day off, but it will cost me $10 a day. I have a few events in Feb including Ingrid's 30th and  3 days in Ocean Grove, so I'm already paying $40, my goal will be not to pay anymore than this $40.
Goal 3, in Feb, I will go to the gym at least 2 times per week. Baby steps. Talking of Step, there is a 6.15 am class that I will go to at least once in Feb.
Clothing goals, I will wear 5 items sometime in the month from my 'hoard' of clothing and 2 items of my golden 18. Additionally, I need to wear a belt at least 3 days.
Finally, something needs to be done about my hair, I wear it up and crap everyday, you will see better hair in Feb, promise.
I'd better write this all down.
I forgot to say also, I got into my Millinery course. That starts in Feb, so a busy month.

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  1. congrats on the weight loss and well done on the millinery course - where are you doing it?

    Deborah B