Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 8- Garage Sale

7 days down and 3 kgs down. Yes I had lost 4.3, but after last nights choc top and popcorn combo, things have changed.
Today I put on the skirt I wore for 7 days over Christmas, but this time I'm not wearing it out of neccessity. In fact, no woman should be wearing a skirt when their legs are this hairy. My boyfriend is a lucky, lucky man.
I went to Ingrid's garage sale today and was very tempted to buy the lot for $250. Dave, I will take the Cookie Monster figurine off your hands next time Ingrid goes on a declutter frenzy.
I made and consumed a very rich and calorie laden lasagne for dinner as it was cheat meal night tonight. I do realise that I also cheated last night, but it's my first week, I've got to take things slowly, that's why I've only gone to the gym once this week. It's all part of the plan. Yes it is, yes it is.

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