Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 38- I choose shoes

So I know this is petty and there are several people worse off than me, working in insurance makes that very clear, but there was an unwelcome side effect of the flash flooding in Melbourne. My shoes!
Normally I wouldn't complain, I'd already have gone to the closest shoe shop I could find, probably before I went out that night (to see Belinda Carlisle at Doncaster Shopping Town Hotel) to grab myself a new pair. I needed a classy pair of shoes to go with the classy venue.
I might have bought a couple of pairs, maybe three! Then I may have needed a new outfit to go with the shoes, a couple of tops, maybe a new pair of earrings, something leopard, they've got really awesome leopard at Sportsgirl at the moment, why did I go in there? Wait, what was I talking about? Oh that's right, not being able to buy shoes.
But I can't. I promised myself. This is the only promise I've kept so far (not buying clothing or accessories), well that and wearing a belt. See left. I think I need to wear another belt to achieve that goal. I've been wearing the same black pair of shoes to work for the last couple of months and now they are destroyed!
Why didn't I consider this before I started? I only have about 8 pairs, only 3 that are appropriate for work which includes a pair of purple suede pair with bedazzled heels and every time I wear them, my manager Zoe (who I have never seen look anything but immaculate) says, "Louise, I like what you're wearing, I'd wear everything except the shoes".
I'm in trouble!